Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sofa Shopping

We've been doing a lot of research lately regarding sofas and went out today to see our top picks firsthand. Our original budget for a small (120 inches long or less) sectional was $1500 which pretty much limited us to Ikea. After looking around at other brands the Ikea sofas didn't seem so appealing anymore and we raised our budget. We then looked into West Elm, La-Z-Boy, Pottery Barn, and Crate & Barrel. While looking into some of these we heard about Lee Industries' sofas, which can be found at Crate & Barrel. Lee was one of our top picks, along with the Potter Barn PB Square series, and the Crate & Barrel Troy series.
We first headed over to Crate & Barrel in Alpharetta to check out the Troy and also see if they had any Lee sofas in the showroom. We immediately liked the Troy when we saw it, and it was very, very comfortable. I'm not a big fan of sofas that you sink into and the Troy was somewhat firm and perfectly supportive - just what I was looking for. We tried several others in the store but none felt as comfortable as the Troy. With the help of a sales associate there we found a Lee sofa but it was not comfortable at all. The associate was really helpful showing us all the available fabrics and also let us know of a sale coming up at the end of August for all custom orders. The lead time is up to 12 weeks but we can live with that to get just the sofa we want.
Here is the display model Troy sofa which shows the exact configuration we want:
Sofa Shopping

It has a left-hand chaise and a right-hand loveseat combined. We'll also get a matching ottoman. We decided on an off-white natural fabric with chocolate colored wood legs (the photo is a little too red):
Sofa Shopping

We headed over to a few more places even though we were nearly dead-set on getting the Troy sofa. We visited Macy's Furniture Gallery, Thomasville, La-Z-Boy, Havertys, and Pottery Barn. Nothing compared to the Troy. Most of the places were too old-fashioned or too formal for our style. We'll wait until the end of August for the Crate & Barrel 25% off sale, then we'll try to patiently wait up to 12 weeks more for our sofa to arrive.
Next weekend it's time to pick out the wood floors!

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