Sunday, July 27, 2008

Getting closer to the finish line

We are getting much, much closer to the end of this basement project. The flooring will be the next big purchase and the final big task to call it complete. This is an example photo of our favorite floor so far - a Shaw laminate in a Victorian Pine style:
We love the color of this floor and it seems to work very well with our color scheme, which is very similar to the sample photo from the manufacturer. We originally were looking at bamboo flooring but after a week or two of looking at other floors, the bamboo didn't look so good anymore. We've changed our minds a few times and there's always a chance it will change again once we actually go to a store and look at the flooring firsthand. We'll be heading over to the new iFloor store after it opens up this week in Buford.
There's not a lot to do right now while we are waiting on the floor. This weekend I put up the sliding rail that will hold a pair of French doors that divide the home theater from the sewing/crafts room. These doors are in a bypass configuration so you can slide one over and walk through. This is to keep pets out of the sewing room. These doors are pretty heavy but they slide smoothly on the rail from Johnson Hardware. Here's a photo of the doors hung up to check the fit:
There will be a guide rail for the bottom of the doors attached to the concrete floor. We found out that the doors will need to be trimmed on the bottom to clear the guide rail. Then they will be painted to match the trim. The back door will also be painted the same color, which still hasn't been done as you can see.
The can lights in the above photo were connected to an existing lighting circuit that was there when the house was built (and the only lighting circuit down there). The other circuits have not been connected to the panel yet. That's a task for another weekend. I'm taking it easy today!

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