Thursday, July 3, 2008

More basement work

Today I took a day off work to have some extra time to finish up the suspended ceiling over the long holiday weekend. Turns out that I really didn't need all that time. In less than 4 hours this morning I had all the grid installed and all the panels placed except for the perimeter panels that need trimmed. The Armstrong ceiling system is very easy to install as long as you take careful measurements and plan everything ahead. Once you have the first few pieces of grid squared up, the remaining pieces literally snap together in minutes. It also helped a lot that my wife was handing me the grid pieces as I installed them.
Here's a photo of the grid in progress, nearly complete at this point:
Suspended Ceiling 1

Here I am snugging up the wires that support the main beams. This room has three main beams running the length of the room (25-1/2 feet) and they serve as the backbone of the entire ceiling.
Suspended Ceiling 2

This photo is how it looks like now. I could have spent the rest of the day cutting the perimeter panels but yard work needed to get done this afternoon.
Suspended Ceiling 3

Tomorrow I will finish up the ceiling and maybe we can actually sit back and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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