Sunday, January 7, 2007

Gotta love this weather!

So far 2007 has not been good for my imaging. OK, I know it's only the first official weekend of the year but I am already complaining. Last weekend was cloudy and rainy - it poured rain like crazy on New Year's Eve. Then it cleared up just in time for the full moon, and of course in the middle of the week. I get up at 5AM for work, so week-night imaging is not an option for me. This weekend was another repeat, for the most part. After a rainy Friday, Saturday actually was very nice - partly sunny and 75. But as soon as the sun set, the temperature dropped like a rock and all that moisture starting rising. The image above pretty much sums up the way it looked every night this weekend. We just had a strong line of storms pass through which caused several tornado warnings in the area. That's twice this week! And again, the forecast for the week looks clear and sunny, with rain returning just in time for the weekend. Good thing I have lots of indoor projects to work on!

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