Monday, January 15, 2007

A new toy!

Over the weekend I headed over to Sam's Club and got myself one of these Philips SPC900NC webcams that I have heard so many great things about. For only $57 this is quite a good deal. You might ask "why does he need another camera?" Well, I didn't need it until I got the "AS" version DMK I talked about in the previous post. My DMK has been my autoguider when imaging with the Rebel XT. But, now that the DMK is capable of long-exposure imaging, I need something else to be my autoguiding camera. Hopefully the SPC900NC will be up to the task. To use the webcam with a telescope, an adapter is needed, which you can see in the picture. These are easy to find on Ebay, and the same seller made the adapter for my DMK camera.
I can't wait to see how the SPC900NC performs, but I won't know until I get a clear night. The latest extended weather forecast is more depressing than the last time I checked. To top it all off, my wife and I are both suffering from bad colds right now. That's why I am sitting at home on a Monday instead of being at work. Now it's starting to rain a little - time to go read a book, or sleep!

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Glen Fountain said...

Hey Tim,

Just got a chance to check out your latest blog concerning your new Phillips camera. I'm very interested to see your results and what you think of it. I have the Phillips Pro II Toucam and I wasn't sure if the 9000 was supposed to be better or not. Looking forward to see what you think. Clear Skies!

Glen Fountain
Winder GA