Sunday, December 9, 2007

Outdoors with the WhiBal Card

Today I went outside and took some shots of what few plants still seem alive right now. OK, I didn't quite make it to the "great outdoors" but I did manage to walk out the back door, stand on the deck for a few minutes, and walk back in. What a shame being so lazy when it's 76° in December! It'll probably be cold and raining next weekend. Oh well...
We have some hen & chicks (or is it hens & chicks?) growing on the deck in little "mini rock garden" containers. Everything else has pretty much died off, but these little plants are doing just fine with almost no water.
First photo, cropped just a bit:

Next one, a full-frame photo:

Last one, another full frame:

These were all taken with my Canon Rebel XT and Canon 50mm f/1.8 II lens. I really love that little lens - very cheap and very sharp! I set the WhiBal card over one of the plants for the last image I took, then used that to set the white balance for every other image. The WhiBal makes my workflow extremely easy and efficient. I won't be leaving home without it!

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