Sunday, August 12, 2007

Another night in about a minute

Saturday night I set up the camera again, this time pointing more towards the northern part of the sky. Exposures were set to 16 seconds with a bit higher gain than before. You'll notice the top of the chimney flashing in the lower left corner. That's my neighbor's motion-detecting light coming on every time a car passes by on the road in front. One of the lights on his front corner points straight back into my backyard - very annoying!
Anyway, I think I caught one meteor - pretty disappointing.


Anonymous said...

I counted at least 5 "points" not moving like other stars. Have you got some geostationary satellite in your movie ? what are them ?

Tim Easterday said...

Those are hot pixels. They are "stuck" on. Slightly annoying, but unfortunately common among these CCD's.

Anonymous said...

Tim - interesting clip. I tried this with a DMK camera, with 10sec exposures. I left it recording all night. However, when I play back the .avi, it plays back real time, ie. my movie player shows 1 frame every 10secs. How did you speed yours up? Thanks - Rob - robert_greaves@bigpond.dotcom (remove dotcom and replace with com)