Friday, July 20, 2007

New stuff on the way!

Boy, I sure do love getting new stuff. I sold a few things I had sitting around which were all not getting used much. I think astro equipment needs to be used, so I just can't see letting it collect dust (so to speak of course - I keep my stuff covered or stored in cases). One of my two modified Canon Rebel XT's also needed to go. There was no point in keeping them both any longer when I was just itching to get some new gear. I don't have an unlimited budget so I usually have to sell something to buy something else. Anyway, here's a list of what will be coming soon:

  • Televue 2X barlow

  • Atik manual filter wheel

  • Astronomik LRGB filter set

  • Losmandy mounting rings (getting rid of the fixed mounting rings)

And, one more thing I wasn't planning on: a Meade DSI Pro monochrome camera. Meade marked these down to $129 and I could not pass up that price. It should go well with the filter wheel and filters. I also ordered the DSI low-profile adapter plate from ScopeStuff (gotta love ScopeStuff!). This should keep me very busy as the (hopefully) clearer skies of fall and winter approach in a couple of months.

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