Saturday, May 19, 2007

My first attempt at Saturn with the DMK

I shouldn't call this a real attempt, more of just a quickie try before I packed up early last night. Had to call it a night pretty early because I needed to get up early this morning. Saturn was moving all over the place due to less-than-average seeing conditions, but I figured what the heck. With the 2X barlow in place I was now at over 4000mm focal length with the C8 at f/20, so any little movements due to the atmosphere were magnified even further.
The DMK is great for this kind of work and I am starting to catch the "planetary imaging bug." The IC Capture software is really easy to use and the controls are intuitive, making good results repeatable. One of these days I will get a color filter wheel so I can do RBG imaging. That'll be a future upgrade once I save up the cash. For now there's plenty of fun to have in monochrome, and plenty more to learn.

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